Are Architectural Shingles Worth Extra Cost

Are Architectural Shingles Worth Extra Cost

Asphalt shingles are some of the most common and well-known shingles that you can find in the market. Since asphalt shingles are being used in 66% of residential homes in the United States, it’s one of the staples of your conventional gabled roof.

are architectural shingles worth the extra cost

Despite having been commonly found in your local builder’s depot, asphalt shingles do have a limited lifespan compared to the more expensive roofing materials that you find in the market. Architectural shingles are the answer to the limited lifespan of asphalt shingles. The reinforced body of architectural shingles makes it last for more decades. 

Since there are a lot of hype for architectural shingles these days, is it really worth it? In this article, we’ll be discussing the costs of architectural shingles. But first, we have to look into what makes it a cut above the rest. 

Benefits of Architectural Shingles


This is not necessarily a benefit nor is it a disadvantage, but having heavier shingles can help hold down your roof from high winds. Be sure that your roof’s supporting structures are strong enough to support the weight of your roof. In most cases, architectural shingles, metal roofs, and slate tile roofs can weigh over a ton.

More Durable

There’s no doubt that the protective matrix of architectural shingles adds more tensile strength and overall durability to your roof. This is especially useful if you’re looking for roofing materials that can resist hailstorms and projectiles propelled by the wind. 

Lasts Longer

Compared to asphalt shingles which can last from around 20 – 30 years, architectural shingles will be able to last you 30 – 45 years. If you think about it, you’re practically saving money since you won’t have to invest too much in roof replacements. 

If you want to extend the longevity of your architectural shingles, it’s highly recommended that your roofing specialists provide constant care and maintenance for your roof. 

Better Warranties 

Having longer warranties is a clear sign that your manufacturers are confident that your roofing materials will last a long time.  Longer warranties are good at signifying that the product is expected to last a long time. 


As the name of the material suggests, architectural shingles are not just efficient and durable, but they also have the form to go with it. Architectural shingles have a three-dimensional curb appeal that rival luxurious slates. With that said, architectural shingles are the best way of increasing the beauty and aesthetic value of your home. This can be especially useful if you are selling your home with a pricier tag or if you’re attracting buyers. 

Cost and Expectations

The short answer to this question is yes, they are worth the cost and is quite effective for its cost. The benefits that you do get from architectural shingles makes it a worthwhile investment for home and building owners. In most cases, conventional 3-tab shingles do not have the same resistance to the wind and impacts that architectural shingles have. 

Moreover, the three-dimensional appearance that architectural shingles have can easily increase the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. This is especially useful if you’re planning on selling your home to new buyers if you’re moving out. 

Why not 3-tab shingles?  

3-tab shingles are known for their cutout tabs which are made along the long lower edge of the material.  The name comes from the fact that it looks like there are three separate pieces being piled up to each other. For a very long time, this has been one of the most prevalent roofing materials that we can find in the market in the United States along with asphalt shingles. 

Architectural shingles, on the other hand, have been laminated with an extra layer of asphalt. This makes it durable against high-impact hail and roof leaks. Even though architectural shingles are durable, they have not been recommended on roofs with low pitches. If ever architectural shingles are placed on low-pitched roofs, this could make them more susceptible to wind-driven forces. 

At the end of the day, architectural shingles might set you back by thousands of dollars, but it will be worth it in the long-run. Although it can feel great to save on your roofing installation, there are many benefits to investing in high quality, durable, and long-lasting roofing material for your home roofing Champaign IL.

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