EPDM Flat Roofing is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is used worldwide.  This is one of the most popular flat roof systems installed in the U.S. today.


Commonly called EPDM, it stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber that people often utilize in single-ply roofing due to its easy application and availability. This coating is inexpensive and is capable of lasting for three to five decades whenever it gets properly installed.  This is an affordable and durable flat roofing system.


Fully Adhered – Here is a method with the longest span of life.

Ballasted – This allows the roof to get clutched by huge stones.

Mechanically Attached – This is nailed roof coating that is ideal to get placed with wind that is moderate. However, it has a downside that allows the nails to puncture the sheet that is waterproof.

EPDM is capable of resisting UV rays and various temperature and it can also be great in saving energy.

Our company specializes in the complete replacement, removal, or recovery of single ply systems of EPDM that goes from 40 to 60 mill. We have systems that come with a manufacturer’s warranty of two decades and people may order it in both white and black in case you want it to become energy efficient.

There is a range of roofing options for business owners and homeowners that can suit various budgets, climates, and buildings. People often choose the EPDM or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer roof because of its numerous benefits.

Commercial EPDM Flat Roofing Installed on Commercial Property in Sullivan Illinois


The typical EPDM roofing cost is lower compared to other commercial roofing materials such as TPO, PVC and metal. As a single-ply membrane, it’s also easy to install, lowering installation costs. What’s more, replacing it won’t cost a fortune.

EPDM roofs require little maintenance compared to other roofing materials. Install it and forget about it. However, scheduling a regular maintenance regimen can prolong its life span.

If properly installed, EPDM roofs last for around 20 years. Coupled with proper care and maintenance, its UV resistance allows it to last even longer — up to 50 years.

As a rubber membrane, EPDM is very resilient. It is flexible enough to bend around gutters, pipes and skylights, and even strong enough to resist temperatures brought about by extreme weather conditions. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -58° to 302°.

EPDM roofs help lower your cooling costs in two ways: by reflecting heat, it keeps the interiors of your building cool; and because it is breathable, it allows heat and vapor to escape from inside the building.

EPDM also acts as an insulator, helping to keep your building warm during cold weather. While it is breathable, it is not permeable enough for moisture to enter, thus helping to lower your heating costs.

When your EPDM roof reaches the end of its life span, it can be recycled into new roofing material. You’re assured that very little, if any, goes to a landfill every time an EPDM membrane is removed from a roof.

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