Why Metal Roof Leaking At Ridge Should Be Handled

Metal Roofing System and how to identify and fix leaks

There is not a single person on this planet that wants a leaky roof over their heads.  Can you just imagine sleeping and then having water dripping on your head? 

That’s never a pleasant experience. 

Here are some things that can cause metal roof leaks…


Improper Metal Roofing Installation


Failed Flashing

If the flashing process is not done properly, this will lead to a build-up of moisture in the roofing which can cause rot and damages.

Improperly Placed Fasteners

The nails and screws that were used might have been too loose or too tight.  This can contribute to water seeping into the foundations or high winds uprooting the main structure.

Improperly Placed Seams

An improper placement of the seam can cause affect the distribution of energy across the main structure.  This could cause a metal roof leak.

Low-Quality Sealants

Sealants are used to seal out water from cracks and crevices that water could slip into.  If the sealants are not properly administered it could cause damage and a build-up of water on unwanted areas of the roofing.


Weather Events


Ice damming

Incredibly low temperatures from consistent freezing and thawing can compromise the integrity of metal roofing.


Extreme wind conditions from big storms can compromise metal roofing and could possibly uproot the metal roof system if not situated properly.

Structural damage

Metals, wood, and other building materials tend to deteriorate as years go by which could cause a metal roof leak.



  • Applying a roof sealant that’s especially flexible through cans, tubes to gaps and loose shingles can help seal off potentially damaging areas.
  • By using a metal wire screen, you are essentially forming a barrier that prevents rain from redirecting towards the vent hood.
  • Replacing parts of the roof that are already worn out can help and seal off gaps.
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