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Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems are made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability, and longevity. Because of their longevity, metal roofs are less expensive than asphalt shingles in the long term.

The roof of a home or any residential property is the main barrier that protects you, your home, and your valuables from any kind of weather. It is essential to have the roof in great shape, especially in Illinois. You always need to check for any signs of deterioration or damage so you can contact an expert in roofing like Central Roofing. Having the roof repaired immediately can help address the problem immediately so you wouldn’t have to undergo the replacement of the roof which may be too expensive. We are highly capable of providing the needed repairs of any kind of roofing problem so you can eventually avoid the costly expenses involved in the replacement of roofs. Whenever you neglect the roof’s needed repair and undermine the essence of choosing a recommended contractor, your roofing system may end up experiencing structural decay or even a potential collapse.

In case you don’t care about the appearance of the roof and you only want it to do what it is meant to do properly, we recommend a metal roof. This kind of roof has been popular because it only experiences just a few problems, does not need a lot of repairs, and has a lengthened span of life. Despite that, the metal roofing solutions that are currently in the market come in numerous types and each of them have various weaknesses and strengths.

In case you are doing your best to figure out what kind of metal roof you have in your facility, its needed maintenance, or if you are still trying to make a decision regarding the style you want to have a quote for, Central Roofing can definitely provide the needed assistance as the company has decades of experience in the installation and repair of the common kinds of metal roofs.

The Highly Common Types of Metal Roofs

Standing Seam and R-Panel Roofs

For a lot of facility managers and business owners, every metal roof may actually be the same. We may generally see metal roofs that are maintained well that are capable of outlasting their counterparts in rubber roofs. However, metal roofs usually come at an installation cost that is more expensive.

Two of the types of metal roofs that are most common are the standing seam roofs and the r-panel roofs. Below is information regarding what usually goes wrong with every type of roof including the ways you can have each of them fixed.

Metal Roof with a Standing Seam

Unlike the r-panel, the model of the standing seam metal roof, has seams in between the panels that are found at the roof’s highest point. The infiltration of water is limited in this design feature so it may end up destroying any commercial option which may be metal or otherwise. The use of the roof type made of standard metal is recommended on large projects and the commercial industry for roofing has a high regard for roofs with a standing seam.

Even if the lifespan of this roof is generally long, it still has some weaknesses that may allow the water to infiltrate. Among its weaknesses include that this roof style made of metal is created with metal panels that are not coated. Due to its exposure to the elements over the years, the metal panels that are used for the roof may eventually pit and rust due to exacerbation by the acid rain. Aside from that, this kind of metal roof can be the most expensive and time-consuming if you want to have it torn off and replaced.

Metal Roof with an R-Panel

Here is a kind of metal roof that is built with the use of metal panels that have a width of 36 inches and are interconnected to each other. This kind of metal roof features seams that overlap which are capable of limiting the infiltration of water. Despite that, it has fasteners that are exposed which could make it weak. Even if the metal panels alone are capable of lasting for three decades, the seams and the screws may eventually start leaking after fifteen years. The metal roof with the r-panel has a weakness of developing corrosion and rust that could eventually destroy any fasteners that are exposed. This kind of damage may allow water to infiltrate all over the whole system.

For the restoration of the lifespan of roofs with an r-panel, it is recommended to apply a special system for the restoration of the roof that could strengthen each of the areas that are weakest. Included here are the painting of the roof white so it can become reflective and energy-efficient, coating of any areas that have rust, and the caulking of every fastener. This may allow the metal roof to have a lifespan of 18 years.

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Because of the possible expenses when it comes to the replacement of roof types such as the standing seam, people generally view restoration as the option that a lot of the decision makers often prefer. We have a solution for a metal roof that has a standing seam which involves the caulking of every fastener and seam, washing of the whole roof, and lastly, the addition of a coating to the metal that is galvanized. This white coating is capable of addressing the roof’s biggest weakness including what allows it to become efficient in energy and reflective. We have roofing solutions that can increase the standing seam roof’s lifespan by a decade or two.

Metal Roof Solutions

The protection of the metal roof can prevent one of the most significant capital expenses that a lot of businesses need to undergo which is the tearing off and replacement of the roof of a building. We provide restoration services for the roof so it can become stronger and more capable of handling the elements. Our metal roofing solutions can help in the extension of the roof’s life and we are now the preferred contractors for standing seam and r-panel systems.

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Central Roofing is a high quality roofing company based in Sullivan, Illinois, that operates in Mattoon, Champaign, and the rest of Illinois. Our company provides an extensive array of roofing services to property owners which made us a leading roofing company for every homeowner, business owner, and property manager in Illinois for around a decade. Since the foundation of the company in 2012, Central Roofing became a company that is customer-centered which became famous for its great workmanship and total customer satisfaction. The company was able to grow from a small crew and single-office business into a bigger workforce that operates in different suburbs and cities in the State of Illinois. We are a Better Business Bureau® A+ Rated Company that aims to provide the needed roofing services which includes the core roofing service such as roof repair, roof installation, roof inspection, roofing maintenance, and roof replacement. Our company is serving the areas SullivanMattoon, and Champaign as well as the surrounding vicinity. We provide free estimates, a five-year workmanship warranty, discounts to veterans as well as honor the warranty of the manufacturer. Contact us!