PVC is a great single-ply roofing solution


A PVC roofing is a premium single-ply roofing membrane, with superior durability, longevity and performance, and therefore costs more than an EPDM rubber roof. Hot – air welded seams make the membrane pliable and watertight under a variety of extreme weather conditions. A PVC roofing membrane is highly resistant to constant dampness, ponding water, as well as high and low alkaline conditions. A PVC roof is also resistant to UV radiation, strong winds, fire and chemicals. Plant roots, fungi and bacteria have no negative effect on a PVC membrane.

PVC Roof Installation
PVC Roofing System


In comparison to the other membrane systems for roofing, the PVC trim that came from the process of manufacturing may get recycled by 100%. People may return membranes they already used so they can get recycled into newer membranes.

There is an extensive array of colors available for thermoplastics but most of them are in cool or light colors that provide higher reflectiveness as they usually become softer whenever they get exposed to excessive heat. Since they come in colors such as tan, light gray, pure white, and a lot of the off-white custom colors, they can be highly effective in warm climates where peak loads and air conditioning can become a concern.

When it comes to the calculations for the assessment of the material’s life cycle, the material’s life expectancy can provide the greatest impact. When it comes to performance, PVC membranes have numerous decades of proven experience.

It may depend upon the deck of the roof but the initial choices are often systems that are fully adhered and mechanically fastened. It can be possible for the sheets to get fabricated in the factory into panels that are wide which can minimize the amount of seams that are needed to get sealed in this field. You can have the fastener patterns modified based on the expected loads of wind. Recently, due to the introduction of the double welds wherein the membrane has both of its sides welded to both of the sides of the seam fasteners so it can distribute the stresses which can greatly increase the resistance to wind. Every thermoplastic single-ply membrane that is used nowadays could virtually provide scrim enforcement internally for improved dimensional stability and stress distribution.

Generally, the systems are within the 45 mil range and weighs around 0.25 pounds for every square foot. There is an increased amount of products that are now promoted which have a greater resistance to abrasion and impact and have a longer life.

You can have the flexible PV cells attached directly to the PVC roofing membranes to provide the substrate with conformability and a greater resistance to impact with penetration through the membrane of the roof that is much less.

Compared to the sheet itself, the welded seams can be so much stronger. This could be greatly advantageous for vegetated roofs where people are concerned with the penetration of the root.

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