How To Deal With Insurance Claims After A Storm

do your research before filing an insurance claim after a storm. Tips for filing insurance claims after a storm damages your home.

If a homeowner’s property is damaged in a storm, the first instinct is to file an insurance claim in order to restore their home to pre-loss condition.  However, there are some tips to follow to ensure homeowners are fully compensated for the damages.  Gathering Documentation A homeowner’s best tool for insurance claims is documentation of […]

Granule Loss On Shingles

shingles granule loss

Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on tumblr A roofs life expectancy will depend on the roofing material and if the roofing system was installed correctly. However, roofing system materials will eventually deteriorate after decades of being exposed to harsh conditions. One of the clearest forms of deterioration is by granule loss which is […]