Five Benefits of Choosing Aluminum Gutters

Alumiun Gutters that look like copper gutters

Gutters are boring but necessary...

Let’s face it, gutters are boring but necessary.  A home needs gutters to direct rain coming off the roof away from the foundation, crawl space or the basement.  Sometimes people want to add some style to their home and use copper for their gutter systems.  Copper is fairly expensive so people tend to look for more of a budget option. The more practical way is to consider installing aluminum gutters that look like copper.

Beautify Your Home with Aluminum Gutters That Look Like Copper

Aluminum gutters are more practical and reasonably priced for material and installation.  The downside is that aluminum does not have the lifespan that copper does, aluminum lasts about 20 years.  Compare that to copper gutters that can last close to 60-100 years.  Copper gutters do provide a certain look that is quickly becoming quite popular for various reasons.  Not only are they a great way to meet the city’s construction requirements, but they are a great way to add a bit of beauty to your home.  So the question becomes, how do you get the elegance and durability of copper with the affordability of aluminum?

The good news is that you can still attain copper’s blue-green verdigris outcome with affordable aluminum gutters that look like copper.  Homeowners can get copper-like effects by choosing gutters made of copper penny aluminum.  This is a painted aluminum product with an appearance of new copper.  Its high-gloss authentic copper look will never tarnish.  The material combines the low cost of aluminum with the beauty of copper and is mainly used for gutters, down spouts and roofing panels.

Aluminum gutters that look like copper are extremely durable and can weather extreme climates from the coldest winters to the hottest summers.  The gutters will not rust or rot like steel and will stay functional for years to come.

The coat of patina on your aluminum gutters go through oxidation over the course of time which create the magnificent weathered look.  Patina’s rustic charm gives your home an instant appeal that lasts a couple of years.

Just like their original copper counterpart, these gutters will keep their shine with just a little maintenance. Homeowners need to be careful, its important to clear all the debris and leaves on a regular basis.

If a home has existing copper installations or a copper-colored roof, gutters made of copper penny aluminum create a seamless look with other exterior features.

Aluminum gutters that look like copper give a home a stately appeal making it stand out.  This gives a home an additional selling feature when homeowners put their home on the market.

Whether people are renovating their home or want to create an exterior that makes a statement, aluminum gutters that look like copper are the attractive long-lasting solution.  Nothing compares to the new copper appearance and the high-gloss coat of the nicely finished product.  If a home needs new gutters but needs a unique look at an affordable price, give Central Roofing a call.

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