How to Tell When You Need a Roof Replacement

Roof Showing Signs of damage in need of a roof replacement

Do you need to replace your roof? Would you be able to tell if you do? In some cases, there are some obvious signs that you can look such as large holes. However, in most situations, the signs that you need a new roof will be subtle red flags. This is why it is important to know what your roofing Mattoon IL could potentially be telling you.

Understand The Roof System

Before you look at calling a roofing Mattoon IL professional, you need to know some of the terms. There are different components that make up your roof:

• The desk which is the wooden structural surface of your roof.

• The drip edge which is the material along the edge of the roof which guides water off the eaves.

• The underlayment which is the barrier under the shingles that keeps the deck dry.

• The flashing which is the material that seals and protect the joints where the roof meets the chimney.

• The shingles which are the outer layer of the roof and used to protect the structure and repel water.

• The soffit which is the underside of the overhang.

• The fascia which is the horizontal board at the end of the rafters that holds the gutters.

• The vents which allow air to leave the attic and ensure the roof is dry.


The 6 Signs That You Need A New Roof

Knowing about the different parts of your roof is important. You will now be able to keep an eye out for the signs that you need a roofing Mattoon IL replacement.

You Have An Old Roof

A normal asphalt shingle roof will have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. If you have a metal or tile roof, you can expect a longer usable life. When your roof is getting close to the end of its usable life you need to look at replacing it.

If roof repairs have been completed and installed over the existing roof through overlaying, you need to look at a roof replacement. Overlaying is not a long-term solution and could hide some of the larger issues that your roof has.

Missing And Curling Of Shingles

As your roof is constantly exposed to the elements such as sun, rain, and snow, the components are going to wear over time. The long-term effects of nature can result in missing, broken, curling and buckling shingles. If you find granules and other debris from your shingles in the gutters, it is a sign that your roof is decaying. Missing parts will also make your roof more vulnerable to the elements.

Broken Or Damaged Flashing

Flashing stops moisture from getting into the joints of your roof. The materials used for flashing vary depending on the age and quality of your roof. Flashing can be made with tar, metal or roof cement. If you see any degraded, damaged or missing flashing, your roof is at risk of water damage.

Ice Damming

If you have ice dams which are ridges of ice on the edge of the roof, it is likely that the roof has ventilation issues. A roof that is not properly ventilated will have heat from the attic melting the snow on the roof. The cold winter air will freeze this to create the dam which continues to build as more snow melts.

This process is also what creates icicles that you see hanging from houses. The pressure of the ice on the roofing materials can pull them apart. This will allow the water to hit the inner layers of the roof. Once this starts to happen, it is only a matter of time before you need to replace roof.

Discolored Walls And Ceilings

Are you starting to see mysterious water stains on the walls, ceiling, and exterior of your home? Is there a dripping sound coming from the roof that you cannot place? All of these are signs that you have a leak in your roof. You will need to check the insulation in the attic and if it is soggy, you have a major problem.

It is not recommended that you walk on your roof to look for soft sections because this is dangerous. If you do this and find soft sections, your roof has water damage and will need to be replaced.

There Are Unwanted Animals In Your Home

Is your attic now the residence of a family of squirrels? It is unlikely that you invited them in which means that you have rotting or missing sections in your eaves. You may also have a hole in another part of the roof.

Animals such as birds, raccoons, bats and possums will take the opportunity to nest in the comfort of your warm attic and take advantage of the damage to your roof. You will need to hire a roofing Mattoon IL contractor at this point to determine if you need roof repairs or a total replacement.


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