Roof Leaks When Snow Melts

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Ice Dam Formations

It’s important that you keep your roof at a constant temperature if ever you plan on melting snow.  Ice dams form when melted snow gets to a part of your roof with a lower temperature.  This will lead to leaks on your roof when water is redirected to areas where it shouldn’t be.

Additional Weight

When snow accumulates on a roof, it’s not going to melt right away.  Snow is water that’s frozen so it won’t flow as water does when on a lower-sloped roof.  Roofs that have a steep pitch can also shed snow, but most roofing materials are only compatible with low-sloped roofs.


Fluctuations in temperature can lead to condensation penetrating a roof’s interior. Condensation and moisture are the main factors for rotting and the formation of mold on your support structure.  One of the best ways to stop condensation is by installing a secure and efficient insulation system. 

Preventing Roof Leaks

The overall temperature of your roof will be low during the winter season.  To melt snow, the roof’s temperature needs to be above sub-zero conditions.  We have to make sure that the snow on a roof will not melt.

An effective way to avoid ice dams, melting snow and create an effective barrier against leaks is by having an efficient insulation system.

Snow guards are used in controlling the flow and melting of snow on your roof.  This helps mitigate the damages and leaks that might be caused by fluctuating temperatures and sudden weight shifts.

Guards are used in metal roofing because snow can easily slide down sleeker-textured roofing.  If snow slides off your roof too fast it can result in stress on your nails and other mountings which can cause leaks to form.  These guards are common in areas with a lot of blizzards and snowstorms, consult your local roofing specialist on how to install snow guards on your roof.

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