Whenever the roof ends up needing a repair and you want to save some money, you may consider working on it on your own. There are some small jobs that Do-It-Yourself homeowners can do on their own as long as they don’t mind the heights.

Kinds of Roof Repair

Several factors may be involved in the repair of roofs. Before you work on repairing the roof on your own, always remember that not all of the problems are straightforward. Even if the problem appears as a simple job that involves the replacement of some shingles, you may only end up disguising and patching a problem that is more invasive that requires the help of a professional. Whenever you are not sure if you are tackling the problem’s full extent, make sure to seek the assistance of a professional. That person can have it inspected and quoted for free before you can take on any project in roof repair.

Partial Re-Rooofing

Re-roofing that is partial involves removing all of the shingles that are on a specific area of the roof and having it replaced with new ones. On some occasions, it may mean that you just need to layer on some new shingles over the whole area. This will allow the patches to become less obvious whenever you can’t get the exact match of what you already have on your roof.

Some Things You Need To Remember

You can only have the shingles layered once. After putting on two layers, you may eventually have to remove both of them.

In case you put a layer on top of the single layer or remove the two shingle layers, the new section may not be able to join up with the roof’s other sections as it may create lines that appear strange or create a hump at the cap of the ridge. This may eventually detract the appeal of the curb.

One of the recommended ways to go about this is having it re-roofed partially whenever there is big section of shingles that are damaged or missing, but the other parts of the roof are in great shape.

Replacement of Shingles

Whenever you have some damaged or missing shingles, the problem may be localized to just an area of the roof. If this is the case, you may have those few shingles replaced. The key here is to look for new shingles that can match the color and style of what you have on your roof. If the patches are not matched properly, it can be very obvious and could detract the appeal of the curb. This has the potential to lose the confidence of any new buyer.

It would be better to completely remove the old shingles including the ones that surround them when they appear loose. Adhesives that are made for shingles should be used in combination with the nails so they can stay securely in place.

Replacement of Flashing

There may be times that you don’t need to repair the shingles of the roof but the flashing. Aside from that, whenever you partially or wholly re-roof, you may also need to replace the flashing as it is a part of the roof’s repair. You can find the flashing around the skylights, chimneys, as well as other areas where you can find a gap. Whenever there are flashing that is damaged, loose, and missing, they may be responsible for the problems in the home such as leaks.

Total Re-Roofing

In case the roof’s damage is widespread or there may be localized areas that require repair and the whole roof is near its age limit, you may need to have the whole thing re-roofed. This would involve the old shingles getting stripped off before the application of the new ones.

This is beneficial as the new shingles are capable of adhering better compared to the older varieties. Having the old shingles stripped off will allow you to get a better coverage. Always remember that you have the potential to save labor whenever you layer a set of new shingles on top of the old ones as long as there is just one layer that exists. In case you are at a couple of layer already, you must work on taking it off all the way up to the deck of the roof.

When it comes to major re-roofing and roof repair jobs, it would be better to allow the professionals to handle this so that the job is done in the right way and in a manner that is timely.


Keep The Roof Repaired Well

Always remember to handle every roofing problem once you spit them either by seeking the help of a professional or doing things on your own. In case the problem seems widespread, you may need to have a new roof. It would be best to have it inspected and quoted by a professional instead of attempting to have it repaired on your own. Whenever you keep the roof repaired well, your home will become well protected against the elements.


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