Roof Shingles Curling Up Edges

Decayed Roofing Shingles That Are Curling and Need Replaced

Poor Ventilation

This can become problematic for homes in warmer and more humid climates. The primary use of ventilation is to keep a property or home dry and free from hot and humid air.  Having a poorly-planned ventilation system can lead to hot air and pressure building up in the attic and roof’s interior.  The trapped moisture will then lead to the formation of mold, mildew, moss and biomass growth along the interior and sides of the roof.

Multiple Layers of Roofing Materials

Although this is not recommended by most roofing contractors, there are homeowners who opt for overlaying instead of tearing down their roofs.  Putting a new roofing layer over an older layer means that you can skip through the whole process of tearing down your roof.  This is more time-efficient and is also generally cheaper but having multiple layers of roofing materials can cause more problems than benefits.

Improperly Installed Shingles

Improperly placed shingles is one of the most common reasons why shingles may start curling.  Having amateur workers install roofing materials is something people should avoid to ensure shingles are installed correctly.  To make sure that your roofing materials are properly installed, it is best to hire a professional and licensed roofing specialist instead of amateurs. It’s also recommended to conduct an inspection of your shingles if the materials are nailed in place properly.

Shingles Weren’t Lined Up

There is an adhesive that’s called a tar line that’s applied on each shingle. Normally, a professional roofer will line up the shingles and apply these tar lines for installation.  If the tar line is improperly placed, then your shingles won’t attach to the roof properly. This can cause your shingles to be susceptible to high winds and hail storms.

Old Age

Besides poorly placed roofing materials, old age can be one of the reasons why a homes shingles are curling.  Usually, asphalt shingles have a lifespan of around 25 to 30 years.  If they are past their lifespan, they tend to curl.  In more extreme cases, your roof might sag and warp.  its expensive but the best solution to this problem is to completely tear off and replace the roofing materials.

Best Solution

If you have a curling roof, it’s best to have a roof replacement to avoid any further damages to a home and the overall foundation of a house.  Curling shingles can cause a domino effect of problems for your roof such as roof leaks that will eventually lead to different forms of water damage.  If there are curled or popped shingles on your a roof it’s highly recommended that the roof be replaced.

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