Is Ice and Water Shield Necessary for Your Home?

Roof With Water and Ice that requires Ice and Water Shield for thier roof

What is Ice and Water shield?

Ice and water shields are an underlayment known for creating a waterproof barrier for the roofs of homeowners.  This was been designed to protect areas in your house that are susceptible to soaking and damages from water and ice.  In most cases, these protectors are made out of polymer-modified bitumen. 

The bonding agent used in the back of these barriers helps serve as the first line of defense for homes against intense storms and rain.  These water and ice protectors contain a film that attaches to the roof deck to form a watertight end and side lap.  When properly planned and applied, the modified bitumen has been specifically designed to form a watertight seal on the nail fastenings.

One of the primary safety features of these protectors is the slip-resistant top surface.  Normally, other materials that are exposed to water and ice tend to slip-off from rooftops.  By covering an entire roof with ice and water protectors, roofs are now more easily resistant to the effects of strong wind conditions which might blow shingles off rooftops.  This means that damage can be minimized while making repairs more convenient.  Homeowners have to also be mindful of placing proper attic ventilation.

Ice and Water Application

Most of the time, experts install ice and water protectors on different parts of roofs.  Parts ranging from valleys, overhangs, edges, and eaves since these areas are the most vulnerable to ice dams and strong winds that drives rain.  In some areas it is installed to conform to certain building code requirements. 

The following areas are the best places to place ice and water protectors: 

  • Chimneys and stacks should have ice and water protectors situated beneath the flashing. 
  • Any features of the rooftop can greatly benefit from ice and water protection – especially if they are easy to penetrate such as dormers and skylights. 
  • Lower-sloped roofs might also accumulate snowdrifts since they catch snow from roofs that have higher inclinations. 
  • Areas that are susceptible to ice dams forming or where rain is severe. Regardless of what the situation is, it’s always a safer bet for homeowners to have water and ice protection installed.


Necessary precautions when installing ice and water protectors

Homeowners should install their ice and water protectors before any underlayments are set.  This is in case protectors are needed in direct parallel to a person’s width, then you should apply the bottom first. You may have to consult your manufacturer on the witch of the side lap. 

Ultimately, installation instructions will depend on the manufacturer. As such, it is always best to consult your manufacturer or read the instructions first before making plans.



At any given time, rain or snow can strike your house’s roof. Sure, your roof might last a long time against different forces of nature with the right, but when it comes to water, it can wreak havoc on your roofing’s foundations and framework and you won’t even notice! With the use of ice and water protectors, you’ll be extending the lifespan of your shingles and the main structure of your rooftop for years to come. 


Are all ice and water protectors equal in quality and strength?

Like every single product that’s available in the market, each has its own set of qualities and undergoes varying manufacturing processes. There will be manufacturers that will tell you that their product is the cheapest in the market while having the best quality, but in reality, it may not always be true. In most cases, safety and quality come at a higher price tag, which means that you’re not just investing in more durable materials, but you’re also making sure that your roofs are safe from ice dams and are likely to avoid potential collapses later in their life. Nobody wants to constantly repair their roofs; by using quality ice and water protectors, you’re saving up energy for yourself and saving up money from potential replacements.  

In the end, homeowners have to do their research first on what’s the best quality ice and water protectors before buying. However, consulting a roofing Sullivan IL contractor should help you peruse the many available options and determine what is best for your property.


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